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Yesterday I pulled from my pants pocket 2 candy wrappers, a crumpled, half-eaten Power Bar, a plastic frog, and a rock that I had been told was "very special". The other pocket had a stick (aka power sword light saber) and some sunscreen. Moms--what's in your pockets? And please note: I did not eat the other half of the Power Bar. I have no idea who consumed it, or even where it came from. I can only hope my progeny did not pick it up off the ground, lick it, let the dog have a taste, and then wipe his boogers on it before he deposited it in my clothing. But, like I said, I can only hope.


Blogger dede said...

car keys
Costco receipt
used tissue (ick!)
handful of jelly belly's
matchbox car
blue power ranger
lip gloss

Most days I can look at what is in my pockets as almost a journal entry of what I did that day.

8/08/2006 03:52:00 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Dooode - how big are those pockets? :) With 2 kids at "just barely 2" and under, we're still in the diaper bag stage. If you asked me what was in that instead, you'd be sorry you asked.

8/08/2006 06:21:00 PM  
Blogger Tracy M said...

I'm with Julie- most things still end up in the diaper bag at this point, and that IS truly a scary thing to contemplate!

8/08/2006 07:23:00 PM  
Blogger Maralise said...

An even more interesting question for me....what's in your purse? I've moved on from the diaper bag but have a mom purse capable of surviving nuclear holocaust; the depository for all things ever needed for any outing. My husband: Don't you have wipes? eye drops? a diaper? a toothpick? tissues? a pen? a pencil? a mechanical pencil? something to write this down on? pain meds for me? the boys? the shopping list? that paint chip? a wrench? a wrench for DS's erector set? His other shoe? Yes I could go on....and on....and on. And yes, unfortunately, I have that all in my purse. It's scary.

8/08/2006 10:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

I'm always finding marbles, small rocks, bionicle pieces, hair bands, and candy wrappers. All serious choking hazards for my newly crawling baby...

8/08/2006 11:32:00 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

shopping list
one dime
blue lego piece
hearing aids
debit card

This is fun!

8/09/2006 01:13:00 PM  

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