Toilet Paper and Christmas Rugs

That's what I just wrote on one of my boxes. Seriously. See, the box that I found from who knows where was the perfect size for that Costco package of toilet paper I bought a while back, but, clearly underestimating the amount of poop in our home (TMI? Sorry, I'm moving, I'm a little frazzled, you're gonna hafta deal), we have a lot left. So it's too much to toss, too much to leave, so it all fit perfectly in a flat box I've got. But that left a lot of space, of course, and it's pretty squishy, being two ply an' all, so the space was just perfect for my Christmas rug as well as my front hall rug which is the rug the Christmas rug replaces during, you know, Christmas. I swear, I am trying really hard this time. I've got my FlyLady notebook out, I've designated a color for every room and I'm marking the boxes per FlyLady's orders, but what do you do when you have a box that is perfect for toilet paper and Christmas Rugs? Do I label it for the bathroom or for the garage? Where do I put it upon arrival so I don't get "bogged down by indecision?", or worse, stash it in the back of the boxes and forget about it, buy another Costco size package of toilet paper when nature calls because I have no idea that I already have 24 rolls snuggled among my Christmas Rug, only to find it 6 months later when I am rummaging around in another frazzle looking for the freakin' rug that is supposed to take my front hall rug's place on December 1st. Yeah, sadly, that last part is totally me. (sigh) Anyway, my 15 minute break is over. Back to the boxes, and the colors, and the labels. But I think I will just leave that box labeled as it is. No color code, nothing. HA! So come visit us in December, it's beautiful out here that time of year. And, um, I'm sure we'll have plenty of TP!


Blogger Mabel Maybe said...

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5/18/2006 03:35:00 PM  
Blogger Mabel Maybe said...

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5/18/2006 03:36:00 PM  
Blogger Mabel Maybe said...

I've moved twelve times in eighteen years of marriage, several times of being moved by professionals. You're doing great.

Don't put the next Christmas rug in with the next toilet paper box. Even if the next toilet-paper-type box goes not totally filled. Pack the next Christmas rug with the matching things. It's not worth the hassle at the other end.

My most recent move and unpack was October 2005.

5/18/2006 03:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd mark it for the bathroom. Afterall, you will need the TP long before you need the rug. You may even need the TP right away when you move in, and heaven knows, it's not something you want to discover you have none of at midnight on your first night in the house!

5/18/2006 03:54:00 PM  
Blogger Heather O. said...

Sorry, Mother of all, too late. I put a big blanket I couldn't fit anywhere else with some camping chairs. I'll try to do more matching things, though. You're right--too much hassle on the other end!

5/18/2006 04:59:00 PM  

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