A tangible way to help

Despite what they call "donor fatigue", there are still lots of people from Hurricane Katrina who need some help. The rebuilding process, as you can imagine, is huge. I have felt very helpless throughout this whole thing, until we came across Family-to-Family's Sponsor Program. There you can sign up to sponsor a family that is still in need of basic supplies for a home: sheets, blankets, pillows, basic appliances, etc. They suggest that it need not be one family that takes on the load--get a playgroup, a churchgroup, the entire extended family together to sponsor a family. It's a tangible, personal way to help in a way that those of us who are quite distant from the tragedy were not previously able to do. Please consider sponsoring a family that is still struggling to get on their feet.


Blogger Kage said...

Nice idea, I might bring it to my MYFAMILY site or present it at our upcoming reunion. Maybe we could all go shopping together one afternoon. Sounds like fun actually.

1/21/2006 03:14:00 PM  

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