Who is The Wiz?

Just to clarify, quickly: Heather O. and The Wiz are, in fact, two different people. It seems that that fact isn't totally clear, as there have been many comments directed towards me on The Wiz's threads. (Not that it matters a whole lot--I'm reading most everything, too, so the messages will get to me.) The Wiz's husband doesn't feel totally comfortable about her revealing exactly who she is, so she has adopted the pseudonym "The Wiz". But don't worry, it doesn't stand for anything totally cheesy like "Woman in Zion." We may not be the most intellectual blog in the Bloggernacle, but we are definitely not THAT bad! The Wiz was given that name by her older siblings, because she used to disappear into her room a lot to read, and it became a joke that she was up there conjuring stuff. So it's not a cheesy acronym, it's not some freaky tie to some black magic voo-doo, it's simply the use of a nickname that her family gave her as a young adolescent. And seriously, if you had a cool nickname like that, wouldn't you want to use it? My adolescent nickname was never that cool. Since I am somewhat taller than my sisters, I was unceremoniously dubbed "The Amazon." (And I have to say, I am not THAT much taller--sheesh!) Needless to say, I have not cultivated the nickname in the same way The Wiz has. Although as a woman, such a name calls up cool images of powerful warrier women who conquer stuff, the idea of being connected to a race of uni-breasted b****es was not that appealing at age 13, thanks. We are both thrilled, however, that y'all are loving the blog, and we are working to get more folks on the permanent posting list soon. Thanks for the love!


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