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I know, I know, you're thinking, "Wow, two posts in one day? Doesn't Heather have a life?" Well, today, actually, I don't, other than unpacking and reclaiming my house from a week's worth of unattended to doghair, and seriously, who wants to do that? Also, we feel bad that nobody blogged over the holiday, so we're trying to catch up a little. And so, here's the big news: The Wiz broke her wrist doing some fantastic stunts with her kids at a roller skating rink on Christmas Eve. (Actually, I didn't see it happen, but knowing The Wiz, I'm sure the accident was handled with utmost grace and dignity!)Hopefully The Wiz can provide more details on her accident when a) she can actually type again (which I think should be in about 8 weeks or so?) b) she can con her husband into taking dictation, or c) she has enough time and inclination to dictate to me over the phone, but that would have to happen on a day when neither one of us has a life, and since lifelessness hardly ever happens at the same time, I'm not sure what is going to happen. Also, I happen to know that The Wiz is trying to make herself feel better about her predicament by reminding herself of all the people who have truly evil things happening to them, whereas all she has to put up with is not being able to brush her hair or dress herself without assistance, but I know she's feeling grumpy about the whole thing. So send some cyber hugs, and while you're at it, we could probably use a guest post or two as well! Anybody who wants to do a guest post can email me at hbenn99@yahoo.com. That's not my regular email, but I'll check once or twice a week for a while, if anybody is interested in spilling their innermost thoughts and ideas to the dozens, nay, HUNDREDS of people reading this blog! Thanks for your support.


Blogger Mo Mommy said...

So Sorry poor Wiz! Those disco lights at the rink sure make things tricky. I broke my wrist once too. I was snowboarding and had to launch myself off of a cliff to save a bus full of nuns and orphans. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
At least I broke my left wrist and I'm right handed, so it could've been worse. I hope that fate was at least as kind to you. Eat lots of ice cream, it helps!!

12/28/2005 10:47:00 PM  
Blogger annegb said...

Wiz, hon, God bless, this is a hard time of the year to be laid up. We take our wrists for granted, do we not?

Guys, I am so personally overwhelmed at the moment with piles of Christmas cards and family pictures unsent (no idea what I did with the stamps), boxes of candy and calenders and Christmas Jars books undelivered. I didn't bake one thing this year.

Bill wanted to go to Salt Lake just before Christmas for a few days of shopping and I lost my mind and agreed to go.

Guys, don't travel just before Christmas.

Although, Heather, I loved your post about Nate's boyhood home. I thought of how my kids my feel visiting. Which they do not, they all live here. It will be fun, I think, when my daughter moves away and comes to visit with her kids. And they sleep in her blue cloud room with the blue cloud comforter and her dolls.

Night before last when I stayed up all night watching TLC and birts recorded on camera, I groaned with the women and thought, "oh crap, Princess Buttgold is so screwed if she thinks I can be calm for her when she's in labor. I will have to have an epi for myself to endure watching it."

12/30/2005 10:49:00 AM  

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