Big ears

(Warning: This post is a shameless self-congratulatory one about how cute and smart my kid is. Just so you know.) I was talking to my sister the other day, complaining about what an early bird my small child is. (Have you picked up on the fact that I'm not exactly a morning person?) I told my sister (who also likes to sleep-- the excessive need for sleep is rampant among my side of the family), "Jacob got the Oman genes when it comes to sleep, that's for sure. He doesn't sleep late, he doesn't sleep long, and he's is always cheerful in the mornings." I said this while Jacob played at my feet. Two hours later, Jacob walked into my room, holding a pair of jeans. "Mom," he said, "Are these my Oman jeans?" I was folding laundry, and didn't answer him immediately, so he started waving them around and shouting, "Hey, MOMM! Are THESE my OMAN JEEAANS?" I stopped what I was doing, and looked at him, trying to figure out what on earth he was saying. Then I remembered the conversation with my sister. So I smiled and said, "Yes, Jacob, those are your Oman jeans." He looked at them for a minute and said, "Do I have to put them on?" He was already dressed, so I told him he didn't have to put them on right now. "Good," he said, "because I don't like my Oman jeans." Little children have big ears.


Blogger Lisa M. said...


Very very cute!

9/20/2005 12:28:00 AM  
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