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Things have gotten a little crazy with the families of us bloggers. A new baby nephew, in-laws in town, and, sadly, a death in DH's family is going to make it pretty tough to really do some hard core blogging around here. So I thought we would still make it interesting to come and read by posting some other people's thoughts on motherhood, some quotes I've gathered, if you will, and y'all can talk about the quotes, or you can just read them and smile. Either way, if you're here, we're happy. We might do this again, but I will start with one of my favorites, from a woman named Amy Hardison, from her book "How to Feel Great About Being a Mother". Ok, I know, that's a WAY cheesy title for a book, but I do like what she says here: We need to make allowances for "almosts." We can be very successful mothers if we are almost always attentive. We can create a nurtering, supportive home environment if we are alomst always loving and patient...We can make these allowances for "almosts" because motherhood is not a matter of absolutes. If we have not completely met our expectations, it doesn't mean we have failed....It is quite possible to both fall short of and exceed our expectations of motherhood. I liked those thoughts. It makes you think you can pick up and still be a good mother even after you screeched, "You little booger!" at your son when he sprayed you in the face with the hose.


Blogger annegb said...

My grandson, Maxwell, delights in reminding me how I called him a "little jerk" very loudly in Wal-Mart, when he wouldn't smile for his family picture and kept making funny faces. Then I say, "Grandma's sorry, Max." He says, "that's okay, Ga-Ga (My stupid nickname)." Then an hour later, he will remind me, "Ga-Ga, you called me a jerk, huh?"

I like this woman, Heather.

God bless to Nate.

6/02/2005 10:06:00 AM  

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