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I know it's August. I know the summer is winding up. But, you see, I have just purchased my first swimsuit in 3 years. And that's not because the ones I have are perfect for me. I am not unlike most women in that I hate to buy swimsuits. It's very hard to find one that's flattering, modest, and cute at the same time. I swear, it's like swimsuit manufacturers take out a Barbie doll, and cut their suits to her proportions. Tall? Great! You must have big boobs! Short? Great! You must have a small butt! I know you're all familiar with the evil swimsuit designer who lives in a cave and has never seen an actual woman in his life. I try to avoid buying his designs as often as possible. I'm trying out modbe clothing this time on a recommendation. Their suits are supposed to be great, and the service really has been fabulous, but I must say - their website is not the easiest to navigate, and you still can't order off it, you have to call in. It's not even easy to find the phone number. (it's under the bio section, in case you were wondering) Don't most websites try to focus their customer on how to buy? I am also really nervous about mail ordering swimwear. I like to try it on first. (Well, "like" is a strong word. Who 'likes' trying on swimsuits?) Note to modbe: Your website needs major work. But your customer service people are nice. I have yet to form an opinion on the swimwear. So now I turn to total strangers in the blogger world - where do you get your swimwear, and how much do you love/hate it? I can always buy it next winter, seeing as how all the stores are full of boots and coats in the middle of heat waves in summer. When did 'back to school' season' start on the fourth of July weekend? Yeesh.


Anonymous April said...

www.landsend.com I love this site! they even have a virtual model that you can create to your proportions for "trying on" stuff. And they have recomendations for different body types! YEAH!!! they realize that not every body is that same!
Granted, they are pricy, but if you get something you love forever I think it is worth it! I curretnly have a swimsuit that I'm eyeing and saving up for :)

8/02/2006 04:33:00 PM  
Blogger ginger said...

I was just saying to DH this afternoon how sad it is that my favorite swimsuit of all time is a maternity one. It is a black fitted suit with ruched sides and a halter top... pretty sexy, but not too sexy (I mean, the big belly kind of stops that, you know?)
I used to like lands end, but I have to say, their suits, for the most part, are not that hip. I think the Modbe suits are cute, but you are right, their site is really hard to use.
Not that I need it this summer. Will you please remind us all about it next summer, like in May? :-)

8/02/2006 05:07:00 PM  
Blogger Trivial Mom said...

I really like the other modbe clothes that I have, I haven't tried their swimsuits though. I think the reason their website isn't really geared towards ordering is because they try and do their business through consultants and parties (although I don't think this excuses a crappy website, but I think it's the reason they don't focus on it). Finding any swimsuit you like is a plus. Good Luck!

8/02/2006 09:34:00 PM  
Blogger Trivial Mom said...

Oh, and WHY do they start the stupid "fall season" so early? I realize people want to be prepared and such, but come on! It gets earlier every year. And here in the northwest you (well at least I) don't even think about summer type things until the middle of July cause it rains until then. I went to the store just a week ago looking for arm-band-floaty-things for Googie and the only place that still had any out on the shelfs was Safeway. SAFEWAY. Come on people. Don't put the summer stuff away until the summer's over, your losing a lot of money out there!

8/02/2006 10:26:00 PM  
Blogger alison said...

i have a modbe suit. i went to one of their parties and really liked what i saw. i bought one of their suits and i love it, except that it is sized somewhat small. the last suit i bought (from patagonia) was a small and it fit well. so i thought i will do a small again. the consultant gal at the party even told me that a small would probably be okay. the first time i tried it on my husband had to help me. i was totally stuck. that had never happened before and was a little unerving. now i think it has stretched because i can get into on my own. i get compliments on it all the time. i also ordered a medium "clarissa?" shirt and that is a little small also. i hope yours works out. for you.

8/03/2006 12:46:00 AM  
Blogger The McCulloch Family said...

I have been a silent reader of this blog for awhile. But I have to comment about Modbe!

I have a Modbe suit and I live at the beach and I am not a fan. I don't think they hold up to multiple wears very well and they aren't very supportive. The lighter colored swimsuits (the pink and yellow ones) become slightly see through and the soft cup are visible and it looks horrible. Good luck swimsuit shopping.

8/05/2006 11:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Wiz,
I was wondering if you had received your Modbe swimsuit? I have been thinking about buying one (they are on sale right now!), but like you, I am hesitant to buy without trying on.
Let us know your opinion please. Thanks, Erin

8/19/2006 09:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have two modbe swimsuits. I have found that they run a little larger. I love, love, love my modbe suits! However, the boy shorts can get very uncomfortable after sitting in a boat all day. Although they are very flattering and hide flaws. The tops are really great for big chested women who don't want it all hanging out. My fav. is the sweep top in caribbean. So cute! As for the wear, I have worn my suits dozens of times and they hold up great!I go boating at least three times a week and am very active in these suits and they still look like new! I can't wait for the new styles. Hopefully the bottoms will be more comfortable in the future.

12/19/2007 07:53:00 PM  
Blogger Nickelle said...

I sell Modbe Swim suits & i love them! I have no chest whatso ever after having kids & Modbe's swim suits make me look like I have a chest again! I feel modest & pretty in them & get lots of complimemts! If you want a NEW top or bottoms check out my website!

2/27/2008 05:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try shade swimwear www.shadeclothing.com this year they have 6 top and 4 bottoms to mix and match color and size.
I hear great comments about my balboa style. There swim skirts are better than most because they don't flair out in the water, they fit close. Use WOM61226 PS discount code to save 10% online and 5% in stores

4/16/2008 01:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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