How Grateful I Am

We will get back to the guest posts soon, I promise, but I found myself missing posting stuff up myself, and since I AM WIZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, (pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain) I decided to just post up a few thoughts. I took my girls to swimming lessons this morning. Anyone who knows me knows that I have huge water issues, and whenever my kids go anywhere near water, I just pray constantly for protection and just freak out generally. I have this really irrational fear that they will drown. It's bad. BUT, I don't want them to have water issues. I want them to enjoy swimming, I want them to know how to swim, because the surest way of ensuring that water actually is dangerous is to not teach them. Avoidance is not the answer, no matter how much I want it to be. (Although the summer when they were 2 and 3, I just didn't put them in the water. I couldn't do it. I was like "if they're not in the water, they won't die. I know I have to teach them, but I can't do it right now." So, I'm improving.) Anyway, they just started up again for the spring, and they were just doing so well. It was awesome! They were jumping around in excitement in anticipation of the lessons, and, to repeat myself, they really just did great. My younger one used to be scared of the water (hmm...I wonder where she gets that..) and she was just going down the slide and putting her head under, and using her arms, laughign with the teacher, and I was just so proud of her for how far she's come, I almost burst into tears at the rec center. (Yes, I was also reeealllly tired, so my reactions were a little strong.) I didn't. I controlled myself, but then someone asked if that was my daughter (pointing to my oldest) and said "she swims really well." I almost hugged him. Again, I controlled myself. I just remember it was last year about this time when I was convinced my children would never learn to read, ride a bike, or swim. I know a mom can't teach her kids everything, but those are BASIC SKILLS, and they were just deprived of them! And now, they ride their bikes around the circle, my 5 yo can't read yet,(but she's close) and my 6 yo is reading very well, and they are coming along in their swimming. Basic skills learned, if not mastered yet. What a difference a year makes. I am grateful that children grow. I love them at all ages, but sometimes it helps to be given some perspective, even when you're sure you've screwed them up for life. (When my oldest was 5 and couldn't read, I thought she was doomed to a life of illiteracy, and I was a horrible mother because I had nieces and nephews reading full novels by age 5. Now I know I'm not a horrible mother, I just have freakish nieces and nephews. Hee hee.) I'm learning to enjoy the ages my kids are, and to enjoy each phase. I'm learning not to freak out when they can't do something, because you know what? They'll get there.


Blogger Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

You know what else is great - you said it yourself: Moms don't have to teach their kids everything.

As your kids grow, they will come in contact with wonderful teachers (school and church), coaches, and mentors of every kind who will inspire them to do things you may not have thought them capable of or dreamed they would ever want to do.

When I think back over my life and see all the good my Young Women leaders, friends' parents, and school teachers did for me, I am extremely grateful that it does indeed "take a village to raise a child."

Great, now I'm bawling. It doesn't help that I'm watching "America's Choir" about MoTab and the music always gets me.

Thanks, little woman behind the curtain, for posting this.

4/01/2006 03:22:00 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth-W said...

So what I want to know is how you conquered your fear. My daughter reallly wants a bike for her birthday, and logically I know that is probably a good present for someone turning six, and I was commited to her learning to ride her bike and me letting go of my fear. But, we just got notice yesterday that the farm across the street from us has finally been sold and now we're going to have houses (!!) across the street from us instead of a view of mountains--we have hoped against hope for years this day wouldn't come. What that means is wayyy more traffic on our little road and much more fear for mommy. How do you let it go?

4/01/2006 03:51:00 PM  
Blogger annegb said...

Wizz, my 2 year old son drowned August 19, 1973. He was my oldest child. I'd always been terrified of the water, but I made sure my subsequent children and stepchildren knew how to swim.

They all swam so well, the coach wanted them on the swim team.

When I was pregnant with Buttgold, the fall of 1985, I took swimming lessons with four other women. It was so fun to go on winter mornings and swim in the warm water.

I was the hardest for my teacher to teach, but I did learn to swim. Sort of like a big hippomatumus must swim, lots of splashing and shrieking, but I did it.

Bless you, your kids need to learn to swim. I put Sarah in lessons before she could walk. She's a water baby. Of course, I sat there with bated breath through it all.

4/01/2006 04:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Susan M said...

I have a fear of water, too. I took swim lessons my whole childhood but never got over the fear and actually learned to "swim"--actually just dog paddle and tread water--until I was about 13.

We couldn't afford swim lessons when our kids were small and then when we moved to California a couple years ago, I was really worried about them swimming in our apartment complex's pool--but they've all blossomed in the water and have gotten really good at it.

4/01/2006 05:32:00 PM  
Blogger Lisa M. said...

My Mom was/is terrified of water, and I seriously can remember trying out for the swim team on my fifth birthday. We had a pool, and my Mom was determined that we learn how to swim.

I grew up in a pool. Literally. hey, in Las Vegas in the 70's that was the only avenue to escape the heat.

I am proud of ya Wiz, and I agree, our kiddo's will learn at their own pace.

Ethan, is just now learning to crawl, even though he is two and a half. I NEVER thought in a million years he would ever learn to crawl, but here we are... and he is going.

It is a true wonder, how our bodies work, and our minds learn and how we can over come our fears and the odds against us.

4/02/2006 02:32:00 PM  

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