Toys, toys, everywhere

I mean toys are everywhere! We recently had a little flooding in our bathroom. We also replaced the floor in our other bathroom (I am now a fan of peel and stick vinyl tile. It looks fairly good, is cheap, and is a good filler for while we wait to remodel our master bath. HAHAHA Wishful thinking. Someday it'll happen.....) Anyway, to replace the flooring, DH had to remove the toilet, set some flooring around it, and then replace it. All is well. But then, that toilet started having issues, so I thought, accurately, that it had something to do with the recent removal and replacement of said commode. DH looked at it, said the wax ring was clogged, and fixed it. Remembering that we also replaced the flooring months ago in the kid's bathroom. I thought possibly whatever was wrong with the wax jooberwacky in our "toilette" was also wrong there, since it's a very temperamental toilet. And think about it - wouldn't you be temperamental too - if you were a toilet in a kid's bathroom? I dunno, toilets in general usually seem pretty good natured, but this once does have its cycles ofincreased hurricane activity. Well, wax jobberduffers aside, this particular toilet (maybe I should name her....him?....but what's a good name for a toilet? Holy cow, I have way too much time on my hands....I'm actually pondering names for the toilet. I need professional help. )had issues. There was a pair of scissors (safety, of course), a stacking cup, and various beads inside of it. I really felt bad for it, because in all reality, my plumbing would not work well either if I were in the same situation. I thought about investing in a few toilet clips, but I don't think the 4 yo could work them, and the thing is, my toddler doesn't throw stuff in there anymore - we have thankfully passed that particular developmental stage. Unfortunately, we apparently didn't pass it - we failed it miserably. But maybe the kid's toilet (maybe a French name?) will feel better now, and we can all move on.


Blogger Heather O. said...

Naming a toilet would be tough. It would have to just the right blend of funny and not too gross. It would be to be a name to be considered very, very carefully!

10/12/2005 05:21:00 PM  

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