My Great Grandmother

I've been transcribing my great grandmother's history so all the family can have an electronic copy of it. I have found that she truly was an amazing woman. She had some rough times while raising her family, but always relied on the Lord. I hope that I can be the kind of mother she was & follow her example to always look on the bright side of things. I got to this part in her history last night where her husband, Jacob, passed away. She really went through some trials at this time in her life & thought I'd share. She wrote a ton of poems & included some of them in her history. Here it is: " Jacob was not so well, he had sick spells which made him very weak, but in between them he insisted on working. I was pregnant again and did not feel so good as I lost so much sleep when he became much worse. We thought he was about to leave us and he thought so himself so he turned all our property in my name. The worry over his sickness and loss of sleep made me almost a nervous wreck. It was a terrible strain to see him so sick. After a few days he rallied again and was able to help himself and it seemed as if he would live to see the new baby. My baby came, a little dark eyed boy with dark brown hair. Nov 6, 1915. We named him Harold Orlando. More trouble. Norma came down with the flu La Grippe the doctor called it. We had a regular hospital, I in one bed, Jacob in another and now Norma in one. It sure was a sad time. Harold was a cross baby at first due to worry, I guess over my husband. I did not regain my strength as quickly as usual. Alice was the only one to wait on all of us. She was only seventeen years old but she was a dependable girl. I had a woman come in to do the washing to help her. It was two weeks before I could begin to do anything at all. Jacob became worse and on December 18, 1915 he passed away after lying in a coma for three days. His death was caused by a stroke. It was a hard blow for us to take. It is a sad time when death enters your home. I had only $12.00 in the bank when he passed away. What money we had saved for rainy days had been spent for doctor bills and medicine and food when he was so ill. I did not know how I was going to feed my family. I had to mortgage the home to pay funeral expenses and doctors' bills. My husband did not carry any insurance. My brother in law who was a mortician in Spanish fork embalmed the body and turned it over to Golf Mortuary in Midvale who took charge of the body and prepared for burial. His funeral services were held at the Sandy Ward chapel the following Sunday afternoon December 22, 1915. Bishop Alma Butler was in charge. The service was nice and floral sprays beautiful. My husband's death was a hard blow to take. Often I asked myself "Why did the Lord take him home, when he was needed so much with his family, his wife, and little children." But the Lord gives and takes. Jacob was perhaps needed and could do more for his kindred dead beyond the veil then he could for the living here in mortality. The future was so dark to me was lightened through the faith and prayer to my father in heaven and he helped me over the rough spots. The Lord gave eyes to look through to see our blessings yet we are always in such are hurry we have no time to look. We sometimes even forget to thank God for our blessings. When sorrow enters we do not seem to see the beauties of nature, the chirping birds flying from tree to tree, the flowers springing up from the earth, the stars in the sky at night. We who have our eyes to see with should rejoice and be thankful for our many blessings for they outweigh our sorrows and trials. Now at a later date I can truly say I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for his goodness to me. Giving me good health and peace of mind so I could raise my little family until they grew up to man and womenhood. Depressed When the world looks kind of gloomy And we are feeling blue Think of all the pleasant days That have belonged to you Days of shine and days of rain That come with gusty gales Seem to have an even balance When weighed upon the scales. Through the years are sunshine days As well as days of rain How could we love the sunshine If we did not have the rain Roses bloom yet thorns there are That sometimes give a prick Just so with life tis just the same While on this earth we stick Days of pleasure days of joy Days of sorrow days of pain We have the bitter with the sweet And life experiences gain Ever milking always serving Doing the masters well With a song of hope within our heart As we climb up life hill What urges us to climb the hill Tis a guiding star so bright A gleam that pierces through and through And keeps our heart so light When efforts with love is wrought Building for God- The Head How happy we feel, what need of pay If something good of us he said"


Blogger Andrea Wright said...

Goochie, you're right -- she was an amazing woman. I can't imagine what she must have faced and survived. I'm sure it's nice to know you have some of those genes in you!

8/11/2005 01:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Mary said...

I love how that portion of her history was so detailed and honest. She sounds amazing!

8/11/2005 08:26:00 PM  
Blogger Heather O. said...

Talk about a woman of unusual endurance!

8/11/2005 09:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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