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My first child was actually my dog. She was our pride and joy, our little ticket to meeting the neighbors, (Just TRY to walk a dog and have someone not come up to you. Go ahead. I dare you. It can't be done.)and just the funniest little thing you'd ever seen. One ear used to flop down while the other one stood up. And when she cocked her head at you... Then we had children, and little Maggie went from being cherished, precious first-born, to being the household dog. Still a spoiled household dog, but a dog all the same. She did not truly appreciate the transition until our kids were old enough to feed her from the high chair. All that nasty baby food licked off fingers mollified her somewhat. She still settles down in front of the high chair at every meal, which brings great joy to my son. I don't know if he ever eats his own food, he's constantly just feeding it to the dog -although I don't know why she won't eat the cereal that is routinely offered. She has NEVER liked Cheerios! I thought dogs ate anything you put in front of them! But our kids love her - in fact, my first child's first word was dog. (That made us, as new parents, feel GREAT, by the way). Anyway, she is a friendly pooch. We don't have a fence anymore, so we have to take her outside and supervise her when necessary. She prefers this, anyway, seeing as there are no down comforters outside on which to spend the majority of her time. Today I went outside to get the mail, and Maggie, seeing an opportunity to use the facilities, came with me. She usually just stays by me, or at the least in our yard, unless a cat is in the vicinity, in which case she turns into psycho-dog-from-hell-who-must-kill-the-evil-cat-at-all-costs-or-the-world-will-end. (She almost got to the top of our neighbor's tree once. I thought dogs couldn't climb trees, a delusion the cat was under as well). Well, today, she took off running just as we hit the driveway. I yelled, but by the time I got up to her, she had already reached her destination. She was right by the mailbox, greeting the TOTAL STRANGERS who were getting into their car parked on the curb. You would think these people were her long lost family. She was licking their hands, and her tail was wagging so hard, it was literally wagging the dog. This was a family with two children, who were more than happy to play with Strange Doggy for a while. "What's her name?" "What kind of dog is she?""Clearly, she likes us better than she likes you, can we keep her?" I am telling you, she would have jumped into their car and joined their family without a second glance. She does this every time someone comes to our door, as well. She starts jumping, and licking, and wagging, and I can't tell you how many times I have heard, (usually in a high pitched squeaky voice) "Oh, Maggie remembers me. She just LOVES me. Look at her. She can't act like this with just ANYONE." And yes, I let people operate under the delusion that somehow, you are my dog's favorite person in the whole world, and she has been pining for you ever since your last visit. I have no real point to this blog. No deep discussions, no burning questions. Just as long as we are talking about our children,I thought I'd bring Maggie into the discussion. I like talking about my dog once in a while.


Anonymous Heather O. said...

The Wiz said,"Oh, Maggie remembers me. She just LOVES me. Look at her. She can't act like this with just ANYONE." And yes, I let people operate under the delusion that somehow, you are my dog's favorite person in the whole world, and she has been pining for you ever since your last visit."

Hey, that's what you always tell me and DH when we come to visit! You mean we are NOT Maggie's favorite people in the entire world? I feel hurt.

BTW, our next door neighbors are dog sitting. When we were outside, the dog came running out, barking at us like mad. Jacob went, "Ruff ruff ruff!" back to him, and the dog turned his tail and fled. Somw watch dog, huh!

5/04/2005 11:42:00 AM  
Blogger The Wiz said...

Heather, you are the one exception. Of COURSE you're Maggie's favorite! (Actually, it's your DH) The reason I know this is that Maggie continues to fawn over him even after he's been in the house for a while. With most people, she calms down after the initial greeting.

5/04/2005 12:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Nate Oman said...

Wiz: I am Maggies favorite non-Wiz-family person. I refuse to believe otherwise.

5/04/2005 04:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Tess said...

Hi, The Wiz (or should I say just "Wiz"?),

Anyway, thanks so much for this post about your dog. Animals can bring so much joy into our lives. I remember growing up that, while my family was falling apart, I could always count on my cat to love me unconditionally.

Some pet owners do go overboard pampering their pets, but I wish more people would be able to appreciate and experience the love animals have to offer.

One of my favorite bumper stickers is "Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are".

Thanks for your post!

5/04/2005 04:23:00 PM  
Blogger annegb said...

I had a little dog named Maggie who died (our neighbor's German Shepherd killed her) and I miss and mourn her to this day. What a sweet little dog she was.

We had the cutest little puppy, a Pomeranian. We spoiled her rotten, she was actually my 8 year old stepdaughter's dog, and she was the baby until our little one was born. She got depressed. We had to reassure her.

Now we have a little shit dog who doesn't know he's a dog. He doesn't mind and thinks this is his house and we let him live here. He's so cute or I would have killed him a long time ago. The mail lady is scared to death of him (he's a small dog, but he barks ferociously), and he hangs on the UPS guy's ankle. Well, he's not the best dog, but he is entertaining. Also maddening.

Interesting post, as usual, hon.

5/04/2005 08:03:00 PM  

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